The Hall

    • is light and spacious—the floor area is 95m2, the raised stage is 15m2 and overall dimensions are 12m x 8.7m;

    • its sprung maple floor is well suited to a variety of classes and the wooden ceilings give excellent acoustics—frequently commented on by musicians and choirs;

    • can seat 80 people but capacity depends on the activity—eg for dancing about 30+ people would be comfortable, for dining about 50+ people;

    • can be well ventilated due to our four large "swing windows" allowing top and bottom flow, and, if needed, by opening the double (fire) doors at the end of the Hall if the activity is not noisy;


      • 14 folding tables (183cm long x 68cm wide x 70cm high) and 80 good quality chairs and a dozen card tables;

      • A large screen spanning the front of the stage and electrically operated, and a projector stand;

      • A PA System with good facilities and a £5 fee for each use;

      • Good quality broadband and a recently upgraded induction loop;

      • Efficient and finely controlled heating;

      • A Technics SX-PC15 keyboard and stool on the stage (can be moved with care);
      • A baby grand piano on the stage lent by a family to The Lewes Music Group, which must not be moved but can be played by experienced pianists with our express permission on behalf of LMG;

      • A baby changer in the accessible toilet;

      • An effective pedestal fan;

      • 2 -socket 4 metre and 4-socket 10 metre extension reels and floor cover protector;

      • A defibrillator in the covered entrance area;

      Compact Kitchen

        • is included in all hires and is best suited for basic food prep or fully prepared food;

          • Appliances include: a gas hob, electric oven, and under the counter fridge;

          • For hot drinks: a 5L wall boiler with timer, a standard kettle, two 1.5L stainless steel coffee percolators, and large teapots;

          • Crockery includes: 60 large and small plates, bowls, mugs, cups and saucers etc, and cutlery is available;

          • Glassware  includes: 7 jugs, 60 tumbler glasses (91mm high x 86mm wide, 270ml vol), 60 wine glasses (48 of which 140mm high x 68mm wide, 190ml vol and 12 similar) and some glass bowls. We do not have presentation dishes. Please note that hirers need to provide paper/plastic cups for small children;

          • Trays are provided but tea towels are not—paper towels in the kitchen can be used if there are few people but otherwise hirers will need to bring tea towels;

          Wheelchair User Access

            • Free parking next to the Hall for anyone with mobility issues;

              • A ramp to reach the entrance with ease and wide entrance doors both to the lobby and to enter the Hall;

              • An accessible toilet with an alarm system. We are happy to give full details of the toilet;

              • Both sets of fire doors are accessible but one involves three steps;

              Other Facilities

                • Free parking next to the Hall for hirers and an assistant and anyone with mobility issues during their sessions;

                  • Large and small car parks very close to the Hall—free before 9am and after 5pm Monday to Saturday, and free on Sundays and Bank Holidays. See Location for details of cheap all day parking, buses and trains;

                  • Many restaurants, coffee shops and a variety of small independent shops a few minutes away.

                  • Listings on our What's On page for all current hirers;